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Comment from So Min An

Hey Gordon. As someone who also has a unique name, I could relate to the limited information found about you through Google search. You did a great job setting up the introduction with characteristics of your name and your approach for this assignment. I can tell that you spent a lot of time searching for your data online through creating fake accounts to stalk your social media accounts and using an online data broker website. Throughout your sections, you did a great job adding a short sentence like "'Gordon Chan' vs 'Gordon Hinam Chan'" and "Facebook/Instagram vs LinkedIn" which gave me a brief overview of what you've searched for that section. If you want to add more for the Google search section, maybe you might want to try searching your name in your mother language? It may or may not bring information about you. Overall, your page was well written with a clean and concise conclusion.

Comment from Adaku Anaele

Hello Gordon, you had a great piece here. I felt as if I was reading your data identity journey (which was the purpose of this assignment) so great job! I really liked how you started off in the beginning with a story about your unique name because it allows the audience to connect with you in your story. You did a thorough search on Google, Facebook, Instagram (you made a whole new page, that's dedication to SI 410 lol) to find what your data identity was to then conclude from there. Great content.

If I could give suggestions, I would say adding links to make it look similar to a wikipedia page. As far as format, I suggest possibly aligning the paragraphs and titles on the same side and the images on another side. Other than that, I think the style/grammar worked well.