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Not 3000 words in length yet.


Good opening paragraph that describes the watch, how people use it, and the company's goals. The body sections are history, features (heart rate monitor, calories burned, and sleep monitoring), products, and ethical issues (data security and unauthorized tracking). Good description of how the heart rate monitor uses photoplethysmography technology. This is probably a technology most people don't know and they explained it well. Maybe add a picture of it to add more detail. The calories burned section effectively explains how FitBit estimates how many calories a person has burned. Maybe add some information about what users typically do with this information, or also expand the section to talk about calorie tracking as well. Have five sources to back up all of the information in the wiki page.


Currently the issue at stake is not super clear to me. I can see that it's going to be about tracking and security, and I can infer that FitBit probably uses all their user's data in some way. However, currently the sections about ethics aren't filled out. I think this is a good start though, and I'm curious to see what the ethical concerns of FitBit are.

Objective reporting

The viewpoint is completely objective and there are no personal opinions. I think the wiki can improve by gathering more reliable sources about FitBit and talking about the ethical issues surrounding the company.