Dawn Lau

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heya it's dawn

unoriginal facts about me

  • student at the university of michigan, majoring in cogsci[1] and linguistics
  • also minoring in comp sci and writing
  • theatre person
  • i have 4 [2] cats!


  1. Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science | U-M LSA Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science. (n.d.). Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science. Retrieved January 13, 2022
  2. 4, the fourth natural number, following 3 and preceding 5. it is one less than the number of classes i'm taking this semester, and one more than the number of years i've studied at this university. 4 is 22, predictable and neat, the first square that builds on its roots, and absolutely as underwhelming. it is excluded from the general countdown of 321, yet just an arm's length away from 5, the truly acceptable multiple of numbers, the endings of volume controls and thermostat regulators. four is forgettable, silent, as it suffers silently in upholding its brethrens in integers.
    • fun fact, 4 bytes is sometimes called a nibble!