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== Real Money Trade ==
== Real Money Trade ==
== Real Money Trade ==
''Please note that this page is under construction''
''Please note that this page is under construction''

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Real Money Trade

Please note that this page is under construction

Real money trade refers to the phenomenon of trading virtual currency for real currency. These virtual economies are often found in large MMORPG's, such as World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Maple Story, where the virtual environment is competitive and virtual assets are in high demand. Real money commerce has been an explosive industry; in the last couple of years, it has grown to multi-billion dollar proportions. Virtual currency is accessible through web pages that broker and sell such currency to the end user.

The Economic Standpoint

From the economic perspective, virtual goods and services do have demonstrable value. Because players in these virtual environments are willing to exchange real currency in exchange for these resources, it thereby demonstrates utility to the end user.

Popular Sites:

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