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The article currently contains around 1,200 words, which is a sufficient number for a draft. Though it is still 1,800 words less than the 3,000 words requirement, it seems promising that the article will reach 3,000 words due to the abundant materials related to the topic and the sufficient time left till the deadline.

Structure and current sections:
The article currently contains an introduction paragraph, a section of game introduction, a section of professional scene and a section of ethical concerns related to the topic. These sections show clear and logical connection to the topic and are displayed in a logically reasonable order.

The introduction paragraph provides a nice and clear introduction to the brief history of Hearthstone and the mechanics of the game. The introduction paragraph is well-written in narrative language and with clear logic, making the introduction friendly to readers who are not familiar with the topic at all.

The gameplay serves as an introduction to the game’s detailed mechanics and rules. The structure of describing different modes of games is well designed and clear to readers. I recommend that you should add some detailed descriptions of the game mechanics of the standard game mode so that readers will be able to understand how the game is designed and played more easily. To illustrate, you may say that each game is played by two players who are able to pick heroes among 9 categories. In addition, you may also introduce that there are four different types of cards: minions, spells, weapons, and hero cards. With a detailed description of the game rules, readers without background knowledge will be able to understand how the game is played easily and maybe decide to join the game after reading the description.

The professional scene currently contains no words. I believe that it will be a promising section if it describes the history of the professional scene and the mechanics of the professional games, and provide some link to the ethical concern section by listing some ethical events related to the professional games. The ethical concern section currently contains freemium and sexual harrassment and discrimination topics. The sexual harrassment and discrimination is well-written with a series of related cases emphasizing its importance. The freemium part may be improved by elaborating on more detailed concerns of the public or cases by players.

Recommendations on additional sections:
If there is much space for words, I recommend that the article may include some description of Blizzard, the game creating company, and Blizzard’s related ethical issues, which may be both related and interesting topics. In addition, a section of ethics in closing a game may also be a good topic for a relatively ‘old game’ with more than 7 years of history (whether it will remain operating and whether not remain operating will hurt some loyal players interested in playing the game even after the game stops operating).

General Clarity:
The article is overall clear and precise to readers who are not familiar with the topic. The two mentioned ethical topics are well supported with nice cases. The ethical section may be further improved by specifying the importance of each ethical concern and listing the potential consequences if these issues continue to occur.

Objective reporting:
The article is well written from a neutral point of view in both game description and ethical concern introduction. The author does not argue for a specific perspective and does not show any preference to any perspective of issues listed in the article. The article does not state personal opinions and does report on multiple perspectives on the same issue. The article's information is backed up by references. All of its references are cited and displayed in an appropriate manner.