John Walsh Thesis Revision

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This page is an exercise in revising a massively plagiarized master's thesis by paraphrasing portions of the text that were either quoted without attribution (no citation) or quoted inappropriately (no quotation marks). In both cases we will re-write individual paragraphs and deposit the results here, by page number.

Here is a link to the New York Times article.


John Walsh plagiarism damage control
  1. Type on your personal notebook a piece of text (paragraph) from the page represented in the New York Times article of July 23, 2014.
  2. Edit to rephrase in your own words, avoiding close paraphrasing as much as possible.
  3. Cut and past results into this document on the proper page in the proper order, if possible.
  4. Do minor formatting or editing as needed.
  5. BONUS. If you are editing a passage without attribution, insert the reference.

Page 1

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Page 3

Page 4

The Links between Democracy and Security

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Islam and Democracy

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Democratization as a United States Strategy for Security

Page 11

Page 12


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Page 14