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Type HR Software
Launch Date 2004
Status Active
Product Line product
Platform Social Networking
Website hirevue.com
is a private Saas technology company that was founded in 2004, based in Salt Lake City, Utah that sells enterprise software for one-way interviewing. The company was founded by Mark Newman and it utilizes a combination of voice and facial recognition software to deliver automated asynchronous interviews on a large scale. The service is intended to streamline the traditional recruiting process with automated interviews so that recruiters can spend less time interviewing candidates while also increasing the number of candidates interviewed. HireVue also utilizes AI technology in their platform to deliver a more fair, equitable recruiting process, although this has been met with some public criticism.[1]


In 2004 HireVue was co-founded by Mark Newman and Chip Luman while they were students at Westminster College. [2] At first, the software was designed for recruiters to give one-way interviews and store the video footage for comparison and analysis of candidates. The company would ship webcams to candidates because webcams were still uncommonn at the time.[3] In 2008 HireVue received series A funding of 1,000,000 USD from Peterson Ventures. Two years later in 2010, HireVue received series B funding of 5,000,000 USD from Peterson Ventures and Granite Ventures. HireVue proceeded to acquire CodeEval a company specialized in tech industry recruitment software for an undisclosed amount in 2012 as well as receive series C funding of 17,000,000 USD from five different investors. And then a year later in 2013, HireVue received series D funding of 25,000,000 USD from six different investors led by Sequoia Capital. In 2014 HireVue acquired another company Reschedge, a cloud technology company specializing in interview scheduling technology solutions for an undisclosed amount. The company closes out another round of funding in 2015 with 45,000,000 USD from the series E round. HireVue then acquires Candidate Measures, MindX, and Ally in 2016, 2018, and 2020. An undisclosed amount of money was also raised from The Carlyle Group in 2019.[4]


Asynchronous Inverviews

Through webcam technology, HireVue can record a virtual interview for recruiters to analyze at a different time. This feature gives both recruiters and candidates the flexibility to interview at any time and any location. With to the flexibility of the interviews, companies using HireVue can send out virtual interview requests at a higher frequency than traditional interviews. HireVue claims that the increased number of interviews given will increase diversity in hiring because of the wider netcast.

Games-Based Assesment

Report provided to hiring managers after applicant takes game-based assessments.[5]

In 2019 HireVue launched games-based assessments to evaluate a candidates' hard and soft skills early in the hiring process. Hirevue claims that their games are more engaging and cause less anxiety than traditional pre-employment tests while measuring the same skills. [5] Candidates play a series of short games that take approximately three minutes to complete. Games range in format from "brain-teasers" to chatbots where candidates respond to incoming text messages. The games are "designed to be easy and intuitive for non-gamers" yet still mentally challenging. The games are completed on a browser or smartphone with no external software required. [6] An example of a game on Hirevue is E-Motions which asks players to watch a three-five second video clip of human emotion and identify it as anger, fear, disgust, happiness, surprise, or sadness. This game is designed to measure empathy which is considered an essential skill when working in a team, especially in the fields of social work, nursing, and education. [7] Hiring teams can view candidates' results see a scientific estimate of an applicant's cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence validated by Hirevue's industrial-organizational business psychologists and data scientists.

AI Technology

HireVue started utilizing AI technology in 2014 to analyze and assess candidate performance.[8] Facial recognition and speech analysis technology allow nuances such as facial mannerisms and speech tone and patterns to be quantified. By using proprietary algorithms on large data sets, HireVue can produce data on what future top performers look like. The overall performance of candidates is outputted as an employability score. The use of this automated AI technology has been met with criticism. However, in April 2021, Hirevue released an audit conducted by Landers Workforce Science LLC., which evaluated Hirevue's assessment techniques of the job candidate's readiness for the job. The results claimed that "Hirevue reaches or exceeds industry standards for the creation of high-stakes assessments." [9]


The use of AI software to judge candidate performance has garnered much criticism. In 2019 the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the ethics of facial recognition algorithms used by HireVue. [10] Critics have said that analyzing features such as speech accents, sentence structures, and facial expressions can lead to inherent biases with hiring. Candidates from minority groups often have different speech and facial mannerisms than the "high performing" candidates defined by HireVue's AI technology. To combat these criticisms, HireVue has dropped the use of facial analysis in calculating an employability score and has had third-party audits done on their software to maintain a standard of ethics regarding diversity. The third-party audits have generally resulted in positive results, but some areas have been identified as needing improvement. Criticism of the process remains strong despite the audits.

Similar Companies

There are many similar companies to HireVue that utilize similar practices, and also face similar criticism. [11]. Some of these companies include Mya Systems (used by Deloitte and Hays), Hiretual (used by Poshmark), etc.

Problems with AI technology

A major problem with AI technology is that much of this information is stored within the AI systems being utilized [12]. Business systems depend on data acquisition and storage to have the system run. The best output occurs when there is solid input, a concept known as "garbage in garbage out" by many computer/ data scientists. The problem with this is around who should store, control, and process the data. Companies are sent very personal and private information about an individual when these AI recruiting programs are used, and there are often few restrictions on what they can do with this data. While laws such as GDPR [13] exist in other countries, the United States has yet to legally address this issue. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) tries to ensure that the personal data is encrypted, hashed, and stored properly to retain privacy. [14] However, the CCPA and similar laws still need to be refined and have not reached all parts of the country.

Potential Fixes

As aforementioned, there are yet to be nationwide laws that can tackle the issue, but there is some promise. For example, "New Jersey and Washington have since introduced related legislation, and, in February, New York City introduced its own bill designed to regulate the use of AI in hiring, compensation and other HR-related decisions. If the bill is adopted, experts say it would prohibit the sale of AI technology to companies in the city unless the tools have been previously audited for bias." [15].

Additionally, not only is change coming from the administrative side, but from the hiring platforms themselves. "In the wake of this heightened scrutiny, some vendors are taking steps to add transparency and fairness to their AI products. Kevin Parker, CEO of Hire-Vue, says the company’s video-interviewing solutions now include a more detailed what-to-expect screen for job candidates in the spirit of giving them more insight into AI’s role in the evaluation process (SHRM)." Adding a human at the beginning and end of each rejection or approval will also help. Things such as diversity hiring and much more have recently become an extremely popular way to help uplift the part of society that is constantly and continuously overlooked.


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