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James Tobin was born in the rural town of Middleville, MI on February 6, 1991 to the proud parents of Daniel and Francis Tobin. He is sandwiched between two sisters; Katy, born September 1992 and Jenny, born May 1981. As a child he grew up playing with friends and enjoying sports. He attended the Thornapple Kellogg school district upon which he graduated in May of 2009. While in high school he was a member of the varsity basketball, football, soccer, and track teams as well as the National Honor's Society and the robotics team. After graduation he attended the University of Michigan of which he is still currently a student. He is pursuing a BS with concentrations in Social Computing Informatics and the Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS) branch of Psychology. He is also pursuing a minor in Mathematics.


It is his dream to change the education system to become more efficient. After graduating from the University of Michigan he intends to attend the School of Education to pursue a degree in Educational Assessment and Evaluation. His research interests lie in developing a new type of education; one in which students do not learn material simply to take standardized tests, but to learn things they find interesting, with an end goal of changing some aspect of society for the better. He does not want these theories to only apply in some laboratory setting, but to actually be put into practice.