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Overall, I agree that the basic structure of this article was well done. However, there were a few things that I felt warranted changing. I cleaned up the references to make sure they were all properly cited, and added a few references that were not previously included that should have been. Additionally, I think the ethical implications section could still use some work. Ethical issues were brought up briefly in the section about security breaches, but the sentence that mentioned it did not really seem like an ethical problem to me and did not include any type of reference or citation. In general this article was still nicely organized, and my main goal with editing was to clean up the paragraphs on a sentence level and make the writing a little clearer. I also made substantial additions to the ethical issues section, citing problems with confidentiality as a major issue for Venmo specifically. - Lauren

This is a good bare bones article with good structure and mechanics. The references are in need of clarification. There may be too many. Sorting out links that have evidence regarding the article from those URLs that are mostly pointing to web content is an important distinction. The ethical implications section includes a case study that probably belongs elsewhere. The lead intro does not refer to the ethical implications.