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One thing I don't understand is why there is no wikipedia page for either Amy Boyer or Liam Yuens. Is there some sort of legal or moral reason? tjcortez

I was wondering about that too. After that lecture I went google Amy Boyer, hoping to find a wiki article, and was really surprised there wasn't one. Victor

I was surprised there wasn't one either - in fact, I don't even think there is a wikipedia page for the specific murder either. I do know that it wasn't really nationally/mass broadcasted (at least I don't think), so perhaps that is also a reason? Jennifer

In the "Evidence of Psychological Disorder" section, I think that it would be helpful if an actual psychological disorder was cited. While the author does list several symptoms that one could conclude to be various different disorders, it would be better if the name of the disorder was clearly stated. Melissa

In the "Youen's Website Documenting Murder" section, I would like to see a snippet or example of one of the posts that are on the reproduced site as to get more of an idea of what type of things Youen posted. Melissa

I would have appreciated more details about the actual murder in the "Day of Murder" section, considering that is what the article is on. Melissa


  • I would combine your Amy Boyer section with your 1st paragraph since the Amy Boyer section is short.


  • I would add much more substantial information about Amy Boyer, I would like to know more about her!
  • The sentence where you describe that Youens finds himself unattractive is a bit random because you don't really delve into the deeper psychological meaning behind this or the impact of low his self-image.
  • In your section of "Documenting the Murderer", I think that this could a great and a really interesting section of how the Internet was used to do all of this. I would be interested in knowing if anyone else knew about this website, if anyone read it, or how was it written, in a blog style with pictures or what?
  • When you start relating this all back to ethics, it is confusing what you mean by moral barriers because you don't really relate the moral barriers back to the actions of the murderer, it is hard to follow and could use much more information. Your point is made a little clearer in the very next section, but it should be explained earlier.