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Bess Edit Suggestions

I'm going to echo the past chat (below) and suggest going at this article with technology heavily in mind. Can we bulk up the tech perspective or aspects of the sport here? It looks like people have added some content re: Video games.

Are there other technologies that have been introduced to or affected the game?


Does anyone else think this should be more focused on technology and soccer somehow? Like in particular, an article surrounding the FIFA video game instead of just soccer?

Yeah I agree, I'm going to add some content about new technology to review if a goal goes in the net or not but I'm not sure if the initial idea was really fitting


I think entry should be either about Fifa video game or soccer. You shouldnt have an entry on the wikipedia "Soccer & Fifa", both are just too broad to combine them. Furthermore, it is misleading since FIFA is an international soccer federation not a video game. Also, there is nothing about FIFA or FIFA video game produced by EA in this entry. I would leave it as "soccer" and add section about variety of soccer video games like ProEvolutionSoccer (Winning Eleven) by Konami.