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Hi Joyce,

I liked how you talked about how you liked how common your name was, and I also liked that you incorporated plenty of visuals of the results of your Google searches. I think it would have been interesting if you could have talked a little bit more about what you will be "continue to be careful of" as you maintain your data identity in the future. I also think it would be interesting if you elaborated more and connected the beginning portion of your essay which talks about permanence. You could have potentially connected that to themes in the class such as data ethics. Overall, I think you did a good job and it was a great read.

Hey Joyce,

It was really interesting to see how much you had to dig for information about yourself online, and props to you for really trying. I loved how you incorporated lots of images into your piece as it nicely illustrated just how anonymous you are online because you have a common name. I specifically enjoyed your section about maintaining your data identity and how you discuss that you wouldn't necessarily want all of yourself to exist online. I think it would be interesting to further explore how you feel about not coming up in most searches. Are you glad that you couldn't easily google yourself and that the data broker couldn't find you? Is there something about yourself that you wish was reflected in your data identity?

Thanks for sharing! Hannah Engelman

Hi Joyce!

I really liked your introduction, and I felt like you gave a good background about yourself as well as your history with privacy and online identity. I also found myself relating to what you said about having a pretty common name, and how this makes it more difficult to find accurate information about yourself online. You mentioned that you want to be more careful of what you post, and I think it would be nice if you delved a bit more into what specific actions you might take to be more aware. I think it'd also be interesting if you talked about being more conscious of what you post not just for your own privacy, but for others' privacy as well, since you mentioned the Data Broker website being able to find your mom's and brother's information from yours. Overall, I thought this was great and I agreed with many of your points!

— Catherine Yang