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While I do not mind editing someone's article with attribution as I am open to criticism and feedback, I could see how someone who is more introverted or shy would appreciate the ability to edit an article anonymously. When editing under a pseudo name or anonymously, one can be more extreme with their opinions and validate their extremity through criticism without the potential of receiving negative backlash. One does not have to assume full responsibility of their actions and thought processes while still being able to edit and give positive or negative feedback of their own. Specific to this article on "Internet Censorship in Hong Kong," this issue can bring about feelings of sensitivity for students who are supportive of censorship and government regulation of the internet. For example, an international student attending the University of Michigan who is from mainland China and may be a support of the People's Republic of China may have thoughts and opinions that contradict and clash with the liberal philosophy, lack of internet censorship, and online blogging freedoms we as Americans enjoy. These are a few aspects I considered when editing anonymously, but overall I enjoyed the process of editing articles on MediaWiki, because you get a special opportunity to gain insight into many other students' thoughts and feelings on controversial issues.

Personally, I find that due to strong ties between the PRC and Hong Kong, we cannot ignore the impact it has on internet censorship in Hong Kong. While companies based in Hong Kong may not be subject to the same restrictions as companies from the PRC, this is still a heavy external pressure. I added the section concerning the Umbrella Movement of 2014. Although it may not be exactly relevant to Hong Kong's internet censorship issues, the censorship that happened on Weibo had an indirect network effect on the Hong Kong protester movement. I further discussed this in the ethical concerns section. Please let me know if this should be moved to another section or article! Mbdesai (talk) 01:59, 25 April 2016 (UTC)