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Michelle 3/10

Thank you for the great feedback! Expanding the article to focus on ethics of gams targeting females would definitely help enhance this pages as well as allow for more scholarly citations. Meera, I also really like your idea about bringing in concepts and ethical issues raised in the original book series.

Meera 03.10

I think it would be interesting if we also looked at the differences between the Nancy Drew Books themselves. In The Hidden Staircase, Nancy was given a revolver by her father. In The Secret of the Old Clock, Nancy gets locked up by burglars. I know she experiences a lot of consequences and there are other ethical issues in the books which these games are based off of.

Professor Conway

This article has so much potential. It is working on two levels in terms of ethics; one level is the issue of women and gaming and mechanisms to encourage girls to play and women to engage through game engines; the other is specific issues with the Nancy Drew game itself. Both of these issues could be dealt with in one article, but it seems that teasing out the ethical issues in Nancy Drew (by describing more thoroughly the functionality of the game in the main body of the article), so that the ethical issues emerge from the description of the game. The other option is to take some of this content and merge it as a case study in a larger article dealing with the ethics of games targeted to girls and women. Lots of food for thought and analysis there.

Good first draft.