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This is a good start. You should more clearly have an "Ethics" section. You do a nice job framing this with course content, but the formatting could use a bit of work. Make sure you remember to close quotation marks and correctly cite quotes.

Elizabeth Whittaker

Comment by Flannery O'Donnell:

I would recommend changing the format of your references to match with Wikipedia's style. In order to do this, insert the citation in your text whenever you reference an article (aka any place where an in-text citation would occur in an academic article). The format is : [1]. For example, your first reference would be formatted as [2]. I wanted to go in and do some for you to be helpful, but it is hard for me to be sure where you referenced each article. Hope this is clear! ...also I just realized that the examples just became actual citations which can be confusing to read. Click on "edit" to read this comment so that it will make more sense.
  2. Cambridge Analytica. (n.d.). Retrieved March 13, 2019, from