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Comment from Patrick Tse: Hi Alex! I really liked reading your Wiki page!

I really like that you used many subheadings under each section. It made it really easy to follow along when you changed topics and it feels more like a real Wiki page as well! Your claim, in the beginning, was very clear and was well supported by your information about your Google searches along with your preferences about social media.

There are some spots that I think could make your page even better with a few edits. First, there are a few typos throughout your Wiki page. A quick re-read should do the trick. Second, I feel like the subheadings about your data identity being incomplete and unauthentic could be put into one subheading. While there is a slight difference between the two, I feel like they are similar enough to put together. The last thing that I would like to suggest is adding more to the subsection labeled Privacy Concerns. The idea discussed in that paragraph could easily be related to some class readings. Other than that, I think your Wiki page looks great!

Comment from Sean Fortney:

Hey Alex, I really enjoyed your page. I read through a few posts before deciding which to comment on, and yours is definitely the most well thought out and put together out of the ones I have seen. I really enjoyed your use of subheadings to organize the page. It's a great way to keep the reader interested and informed. I also enjoyed the manner in which you connected your past experiences to your current data identity (you went to a small high school so you did not use social media which led to an inaccurate data identity). At the end of your page, you speak about how data identities are inaccurate, and I think it could be interesting to know if you think this is purely a result of your personal interactions online or do you think all data identities are subject to be false. Additionally, I think it could be cool for you to see what information you could find on a data brokering website in addition to your Google search. Overall, I really enjoyed your post and its organization.