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Comment from Roland Park:

Hey Aaron, I really enjoyed reading your page. First I think you did a great job setting the stage for your page. You give the reader your background concisely and hit all the points on why it might be difficult for you to find yourself on a search engine. I may suggest adding in a sentence or two acknowledging how common your last name is and how that might additionally make it more difficult for you to find yourself online. The flow of story telling of your paper is great and the topics that you go through flow nicely. I found your descriptions of your video game profile and password management tool to be a great supplement in crafting an online identity with what you have. I might suggest looking into the privacy policy of your video game data on you. Although the video game clearly has a lot of information on your in-game statistics and interactions, I'm curious if the video game company's have more information on you than you think (might be a dead end I wouldn't really know). Lastly, supplementing your argument with the readings was a nice touch that added to you piecing together your data identity in your eyes. Overall, you did a great job writing your profile!

Comment from Paula Luput:

It was really interesting to read your data identity statement since you have a more common name, and it was interesting to see what you would write about as did not find much information on yourself. I enjoyed that you explained each search you did and even your image search although it wasn't successful for you. I believe it helps set the stage on what the internet says about you and we get to hear your own commentary on it as well. One thing I would say, is I think there would be better flow if you included that intro paragraph throughout your paper. For example, you could explain how you feel about finding that school newsletter online. The last half of the statement was also intriguing because you went deep into the research on some of these online data systems, but as Roland said above, I think it would improve your statement to bring that information back to you. There also seemed to be a few run-on sentences where it seemed like your thoughts were cut off before they could end. Rereading papers out loud is usually what helps me to spot them more easily and then go back to change them. However, your paper overall was great and full of research you did on online data on yourself and as a whole.