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Writing about myself is for my data online is not easy, because I am not always able to judge myself, but it is also fun and interesting. When I tried to search my name in Google, there are many information about me, my images photos, first search is that in my instagram account, then my youtube videos, my LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. There are also traces of me in TikTok and online videos when I take part in a singing competition organized by a local television station in my beloved country Indonesia. But there are also some news on google search that are not about me, there are some people who have the same name as me, and it is quite interesting to know about them.

Data on Facebook

Well, my name is Ricardo Jonathan and I am currently a student at University of Michigan majoring in Information. I think of myself as a person who likes to do everything and I have found that if I put effort into it, I can build interest in a lot of different fields. As a person I like keeping myself busy and having different things to do at the same time. Most of my data can be found in Facebook. It was always a great dream of mine to live and study in Michigan. Eventually my family is q typical Indonesian family. There are my parents and I only since I am their only child, I have got no brother nor sister. I sometimes feel sad coz I am missing them so much. I have good relationship with my friends and classmates, sometimes there's a little quarrel but I think this is normal and we try to resolve our problems together. I'm a creative and ambitious about education because I have a lot of ideas about my future, I have also interested in all kind educative organization.

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If you happen to know my relevant or recent data about me in LinkedIn, you will find that I am an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information (BSI), with a specialization in UX/UI Design, HCI, and Social Media Analysis; Minor in Statistics/Data Science. My research interests include human-computer interaction, data science, social media, social computing, computational social science, machine learning, and organizational tech.

Being an app and web developer, a data analyst and a research assistant are exactly what you would think it's like, I'm the colleague that everyone wants to know but nobody wants to be. If you want to get something done, you come to me, everyone knows that! Yet no one wants to have to do what I do because of the amount of personal time and effort that goes into being everyone's go to.

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As some of you may know, you can check it out in my ig account. I am open to making friends online on Instagram and Facebook but I really value privacy and I do not tolerate any form of piracy and I never differentiate between friends because of religion, race and ethnicity. I appreciate every friendship but I am also selective in choosing friends, because I do not want to fall into bad associations that will harm my future.

Luckily, I am obsessed with staying organized and making everyone's life easier. It brings such a genuine joy to my heart to take the burden off of my loved ones' shoulders,and I always do anything I can to enhance that. Work is no different. I believe in everyone and their goals as if they were my own family, I will bend over backwards to help others dreams come true, but I also understand the importance of standing your ground and holding your own balance.