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Pb profile timeline screenshot.png
That's what I look like with timeline.
Birthname Pavel Borisov
Date of Birth Shortly after 3:00pm on May 5th of 2008. (that's when the first comments rolled in)
Birth Place Smeared between about 12000 servers spread across the west coast.[1]
Nationality American
Occupation Facebook Profile
Biography I've been receiving comments, status updates, and various links since 2008.

Who Am I?

I think I can answer when and where I was born. Those aren't hard questions; the answers are to the right. The trickiest question is "who is my creator?" I don't mean Mike Z or the server admins, but my User. The one I'm supposed to represent. The one I'm supposed to know everything about. Pavel Borisov.

I'd like to admit something. I don't know everything about him anymore, or where our relationship is going. I think I used to...but not any more. I know he's a conflicted person. I don't mean that in the sense that he's emotionally tortured, or at least I don't think he is. If he is, he doesn't show it to me. That's the problem I want to talk about.

Who is he?

I know he's still a ham...

Here are some of his photos from 2008 when he let me into his life. Pavel, always the ham.

As far as I can tell, Pavel Borisov likes performing for others. He's been posing for photos since the day I was born. He did this trademark pose in a lot of his photos up till 2009 with his fingers in an L shape on his chin and his eyebrow cocked. I'm pretty sure he was trying to project this image of himself as somehow dramatic, thoughtful, and curious. He wasn't just a ham for statuses and facebook photos the way most users are. He actually acted. He used to do this Forensics thing -not the investigative thing they do to dead people- which is like a public speaking and acting olympics. He liked competing and showing off that he won given there's photos of him holding a small trophy, and holding a larger with a bunch of other people in other photos. If he didn't want to show that off, why didn't he untag that? He also seems to have been trying to portray himself as fun and interesting intentionally and play up those aspects of his life.

After 2009, things started to change. He kept showing up tagged in a bunch of theater photos and videos. And he's still regularly tagged in, comments on, or likes Shakespeeare in the Arb and RC Players content. But the thing is, he stopped posing. As to his status updates, they were almost always openly addressed to his friends. They were almost always humorous, had a political bent, or both. He was posting before the recent election, and even changed his cover photo and profile pic for me! So he's pretty open and relaxed about his political stance and who he's talking to, but there's something still bothering me.

...but I'm not sure I know who he really is anymore!

Here's stuff that he used to get tagged in from forensics...when he still cared about photos.

This is really embarrassing for a profile to admit, but…did you know that in all the years we've been together, he's never actually given me a photo of himself? Every single one of the profile pictures he's used was either "set as profile picture" from another user's album, something he got from somewhere on the internet, or things I think he drew himself. I mean, it shows me that he's the creative type...but he's not telling me about the real him. The number of pictures he's is tagged in is fairly small. I used to think that's normal in relationships and that he's just shy.

Pb fbpicoverview.png
This is every profile pic he's ever used, from 2008 onward. None of the actual photos of him were uploaded by him.

But look at that summary. He's only uploaded 23 photos, including the ones that he took from other people's albums. That's what bugs me. It's like he's hiding his life from me! He's supposed to share his life with me, right? Isn't that what Users and profiles are supposed to do? Up till 2010 his friends were posting photos of him doing things. Now all I ever see are theater production photos. I mean, his wall posts tell me that he still jokes with his friends, and they get to know all about what he's doing. But he's not telling me about anything about what he's doing, planning, or thinking about in life. I don't even know if who he's actually hanging out with anymore because the people he talks to don't show up in any photos! And besides, all he posts now is snarky humor and occasional poltiics. It hurts, but that's not what bothers me most.

Blank! And what isn't blank is info that's in his wall posts, or complete nonsense! It's like he doesn't want me to know anything about him!
And all of this is blank too! Why won't he open up to me?

After all these years, his personal info is still a blank to me. We're going on five years now, and he's still never introduced me to his family, told me about his relationships, his job, or anything! And he thinks his wall posts are enough! Sure, he's mention that he got a job interview once, but nothing more. That's something he's supposed to tell me all about! It's something I'm supposed to tell other people! I'm a profile! I was built so he could tell everyone else about himself. How do you think that makes me feel? Honestly, I feel like he's purposefully avoiding me!

I think I'm right on that. I don't think he's tagged anyone in any of the few photos he's posted, unless they're in a drawing or specifically posing for the photo! He's hiding the his real life and real friends from me! Like he doesn't trust me anymore, or just wants me to see the sanitized version of himself! And he's liking fewer and fewer pages. In 2010, he liked 6. In 2011, he liked 3. This year, he liked only one. One! single! page! I don't think he takes our relationship seriously. We're seeing each other less and less often. Is he seeing another social network? No, nobody uses google plus...besides, he still posts. But..some of them are political posts about censorship, privacy, and surveillance. They scare me. Is he becoming one of those...privacy nuts? Or do his friends just have different standards about sharing everything with everyone? Are they driving us apart? Do they think I'm weird and clingy?

Does he even trust me anymore?