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4shared Logo Link
Type File Sharing
Launch Date 2005
Status Active
Product Line Music, videos, photos, and documents - download and sharing
Platform Online File Sharing
Website www.4shared.com
is one of the largest online file-sharing websites and was founded in Ukraine in 2005 by Alex Lunkov and Sergey Chudnovsky.[1] 4Shared has approximately 10 million registered users and 2.5 billion page views per month. [2] Users can register for either a free account or a paid premium account. From there, users can create personal folders, as well as upload, download, and store various file types. This capability covers music, videos, photos, and written documents, which are then stored on an individual virtual drive supplied by 4Shared.[3] Major features of 4Shared include 4Sync, which allows users to sync files on different devices through cloud storage, developer involvement in the 4Shared API, and 4Shared mobile and desktop applications. In addition, ethical issues exist pertaining to the 4Shared privacy policy and possible copyright infringement.

4Shared Services

A comparison of benefits for Premium and Free users.

Free User

Requires registering for an account on 4shared.com, free of charge. Services include:

  • Storage
    • 10 GB of cloud storage capacity right after registration[1]
    • 15 GB of cloud storage capacity after verification email[1]
  • Upload
    • 2048 MB maximum file size

Requires users to subscribe to the standard $77.95/year, or other alternative payment plans. Services include:

  • Storage
    • 100 GB cloud storage capacity[4]
    • Ads-free sharing
    • Direct links
    • FTP access
    • File backup
  • Download
    • 100 GB per month of bandwidth
    • Instant ad-free download, pause and resume downloads, multi-download
    • Faster download speeds
  • Upload
    • 5 GB maximum file size
    • Web grab
alt text

Generic File Sharing

4Shared allows users 15GB of storage space for files supported by numerous operating platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. [5] Users can upload and download multiple photos at one time, as well as receive detailed information and account statistics related to this activity. After downloading or uploading files, users can edit, view, play and manage them from the platform.

Music Sharing

The music sharing feature provides 4shared users with a way to curate a personal music collection. Users can organize their songs into playlists and stream music without having to download it first.

Video Sharing

4shared users can create their own DVD collection by uploading their movies into their virtual drive. The 4shared movie/video community provides its users with the opportunity to share videos and movies with one another other, and stream their videos instantly.[1]

Photo Sharing

The photo sharing feature enables users to upload photos to their virtual drive. Users can organize their photos into albums and share them with other users. Also, the platform allows tracking of which pictures were viewed and downloaded using the Download Counts Tool.

Document Sharing and Management

Users can share documents, organize them, and also track the statistics of how many times they were viewed and downloaded.



4Sync setup page

4Sync is an add-on feature that was developed for 4shared users. With its free storage of 15 GB, 4sync enables consumers to sync their files to different devices and make their virtual drive available worldwide through cloud storage capabilities.[6] The CEO for 4Sync, Anna Anisin, was the former Vice President of US business development and operation at 4shared.com. In January 2012, she was appointed to be the CEO of 4Sync in order to further assist the development of 4sync. The release of 4sync generated positive reviews, which led 4shared to combine 4sync and 4shared together to create 4shared-sync. However, the users found the new version of 4shared-sync rather impractical and confusing. Even though 4shared and 4sync were separated to meet market demand, the two companies remain closely related. Currently, 4shared provides a download and link to 4sync on their homepage.

4Sync Main Features

  • 15 GB free online storage space
  • Share files for free
  • Synchronize files
  • Secure files with backup copies
  • Easy access to files

Developer Involvement

The 4shared API Program offers $5,000 for frequent users each month as an encouragement for creative application developers.[4] Since 4shared API is free and easy to use, it has provided professional opportunities for those who are interested in developing their own applications for mobile phones, and web applications.

To get started with the API Program, there are 5 recommended steps:

  1. Read and develop an intimate understanding of the 4-shared API documentation
  2. Create a personal application using functionalities offered by the 4Shared SOAP
  3. Test the personal application
  4. Create a free 4Shared account and upload the application
  5. Email the web link to the application to developer@4shared.com
4shared Music app for Android


4shared has developed a variety of applications for mobile phones with different operating systems. With the creation of these applications, 4shared users are able to access all files stored in their virtual drive using their mobile devices. Users also have the ability to browse unique features offered for their mobile device based on its operating system.[4]

  • Blackberry: 4shared mobile
  • IPhone/IPad: 4shared mobile/4shared music/4shared photo
  • Symbian: 4shared mobile
  • Android: 4shared for Android/4shared music


4shared has also developed a free desktop application for all operating systems. This desktop application allows users to download or upload multiple files at a time. Additionally, the desktop application prevents loss of information caused by an interruption to the internet connection.

Once users sign in to their account on the 4shared desktop, there are three main controls on the main menu, which enable users to find and organize their files easily:

  1. Folder Tree, in which users can see their folder structure
  2. List of files and folders
  3. List of files for uploading

Copyright Issues

As one of the largest file-sharing websites with roughly 10 million users, it is almost impossible for 4shared to prevent all of its users from uploading copyrighted content.[5]

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy states how personally identifiable information, information directly linked to an individual's identification, is gathered, used and protected. Reviewed by TRUSTe, 4shared's privacy policy and practices have been awarded for its transparency, accountability, and choice of collecting personally identifiable information. There are two distinct categories of information 4shared collects from its users: 1) Active Collection, information provided by the users when they use 4shared's services and applications. 2) Passive Collection, information that is automatically collected through the usage of 4shared's services and applications.

There are various purposes for collecting personally identifiable information:

  1. to process and complete any transactions
  2. to request feedback and to otherwise contact users about their use of the Service and Apps
  3. to respond and contact users through emails answering their questions, comments, requests, and complaints
  4. to monitor and analyze services and application usage and trends
  5. to personalize and improve the services or applications;
  6. to send confirmations, updates, security alerts, or additional information about our products and services
  7. to notify users about important changes to the Service and Apps

Copyright Infringement

4shared prohibits copyright infringement and strongly urges users to abstain from uploading or downloading copyrighted information. 4shared takes no responsibility for users who fail to follow the copyright policies stated. 4shared will take immediate action to stop and further prevent copyright infringement if the site acquires any knowledge of users involved in any copyright violation. Users may display and share only original content only if they are the copyright owner.[7]


4shared takes measures to ensure hardware, software, and data security. The following securities offered by 4shared are taken from the company's website. [8]

Hardware Security

  • Data collected through 4shared is co-located on servers at Savvis Data Center, a state-of-the-art storage facility with the latest in redundant power, environmental control, and networking technology.
  • Zoned access throughout Data Center, biometric hand scanner requires ID card access and hand geometry measurements, customer IDC access and contacts managed via Siebel, current government-issued picture ID required, ID badge and biometric hand scan to man trap with badge reader, second-hand scans to gain access to raised floor, biometric scanner captures 3D measurements of hand.
  • Additional onsite security includes multiple 360-degree cameras with 10x zoom, more than 100 fixed cameras, high-speed recorders with DV cassette tapes, hard drives to eliminate downtime for tape swaps and over recording, minimum 30-day tape storage.
  • Industrial strength, dedicated rackmount servers, feature multiple processors, redundant power supplies, redundant network cards.

Software Security

  • Customer data resides securely on Database servers behind multiple firewalls and is not accessible from the Internet. In order to access data, operators must utilize the application server, whose access is limited by strict security.
  • Confidential data, such as usernames and passwords, are secured through an encrypted connection (using 128-bit encryption).

Data Security

  • 4shared methodically backs up all databases on a regular basis. We guarantee the accuracy and safety of all data hosted on our servers.
  • Client data is stored on our servers for the duration of an account, plus up to one year after. Customers can request to have information removed from 4shared servers at any time.
  • Additionally, you can apply password protection to any folder.
  • Customer-hosted Enterprise installations can further restrict access, by applying additional internal security measures.


The email from 4shared refusing to divulge the identities of the uploaders.

On January 4th, 2012, Modulo Security Solutions filed a lawsuit against 4shared in New Jersey in order to reveal the identities of the users responsible for uploading proprietary documents to the site. Modulo Security Solutions threatened to take civil action against the uploader for copyright infringement related offenses. 4shared quickly removed these files from their website but refused to reveal the identity of the user who uploaded the documents without a court order. [2]


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