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Vuze Opening Screen

Vuze is a full-featured BitTorrent application with a network of high-quality undiscovered torrents as well as a media player. The Vuze application is built on the original code of the Azureus Bittorrent client. It is written in Java and is compatible on Mac and Windows operating systems. Vuze was first released as Azureus in June 2003 by and has since become their second most productive project amassing 516,004,916 downloads.

History first released Azureus in June 2003. Tyler Pitchford, co-creator, named the program Azureus after the blue poison dart frog (Dendrobates azureus). Pitchford made it a tradition to use the Latin names of poison dart frogs to name his projects; in the case of Azureus, the program is referencing dendrobates azureus, the famous blue dart frog of Panama. In 2006, the first version of Vuze was released replacing Azureus. Vuze has released upgraded versions of itself 4 times; versions 1 and 2 are distributed under the GNU General Public License, as opposed to versions 3 and 4 which are still advertised under the GNU General public License but require users to agree to the terms of the "Vuze Platform". This agreement puts restrictions on use, reverse-engineering, and sublicensing. Since the release of Vuze many new features have been added, Vuze Plus, Vuze To Go, and Vuze Remote are some of the most popular add ons. The application is still actively developed, with its latest version, 4.7.2, released in September of 2012.[1]


A torrent is the most effective way to quickly and reliably download large files, such as HD and DVD quality videos. Instead of transferring a file from a single, central machine to all of the computers that are trying to download that file, torrenting allows all of the machines that contain parts of that file to send parts to other computers looking for the pieces of the file. Vuze uses the term "seeding" to describe this process. The more computers that are "seeding" the file, the more effective and efficient downloading is for each of them.


Vuze is a full functioning BitTorrent application that enables users to find, play and share all kinds of content. Users are able to search and download music, movies, television shows, images, computer games, computer programs, e-books, and anything else that is offered in a digital form. Video content is the most popular downloaded media as Vuze offers HD quality videos and a media player to view them.


Vuze Meta Search

Searching for files in Vuze through the meta search

Instead of searching for a torrent site by site, users can search numerous top sites with a single search and Vuze will return an aggregated list of available torrents. [2]

Web Remote

Vuze client can be controlled securely from any mobile phone or computer by accessing [3]

Device Playback

Vuze automatically detects any iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, Android device, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, or TiVo connected to the same network. Via drag-and-drop, content is encoded as necessary for the particular device and then streamed wireless for instant playback. [4]

Ethical Issues

Content that is downloaded on Vuze is often copyrighted and this creates a magnitude of both legal and ethical issues. Vuze is one of many BitTorrent Clients that makes copyrighted media easily accessible. Vuze offers an interface for users to access pirated copies of media and download them quickly and easily. A variety of content is made available to download before it is publicly available to customers. Films are uploaded as they become released into theaters, and music albums are made downloadable in days or possibly weeks in advance before the actual release date. The availability of these illegal copies to customers causes problems for the movie and music industry.

Online piracy is an ever growing problem online and by 2005 around $5 billion dollars in revenue was estimated to have been lost [5] Torrent sites such as Vuze, generate the question of whether consumers of the site or the producers themselves should be held responsible for the illegal actions that take part of the site. Sites such as Vuze typically have a terms of service page that is meant to avoid legal implications or dismiss any wrong doing. Thus the responsibilities are usually put upon the user to use the software properly. It is a seemingly impossible question to fully resolve but one that has been fiercely debated. The increasing number of online users has only furthered this problem and will continue to increase lost revenue for companies.

It is interesting to note that while many companies are upset about the lost revenue that is a direct result from such file-sharing technology as Vuze, many artists support these products and the subsequent user behavior. These stars have acknowledged that they themselves use these types of services and would be upset if they were to disappear [6]. In an industry that has long been plagued with bloated paychecks and unnecessary profit, some argue that these services are merely a way of leveling the playing field and evening out the market. Is it ethically wrong to share copyrighted material when the artist who produced it wants it to be shared? That is a question that will most likely be answered within the next decade as copyright laws and information ethics become more defined and inline with the way that information is engaged with in the 21st century.


The following is a list of competitors for Vuse. These are also File Sharing softwares and companies that are supposedly able to perform the exact same services as Vuse can. [7]

  • BitTorrent
  • Limewire
  • zSlide
  • CloudTrade
  • GetBack Media
  • Browzmi
  • Lockerz
  • BitGravity
  • I-Play
  • 3Dlabs
  • Mininova
  • Azureus
  • The Pirate Bay
  • EdgeCast
  • Speckly
  • Lutebox

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