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So why live like this? It is difficult to put into words what motivates this abstinence from social-digital-living.

What is obvious is what results from this choice. But first let me clarify what i mean by social-digital-asceticism. Simply i do not use a cell phone, nor facebook, nor mmorpgs. i use nothing that supports social communities or relationships online. Oh and that is ever. That is right: never having text, tweeted, poked, liked or friended anyone at any time.

• • •


• • •

If you are starting to shake or sweat don't worry i am not here to convince you of anything. i am only describing what it is to live in the interzone between the physical and the virtual world. But then again this is not really about me.

It is in truth about you and your life.

You exist,
i don't.

Think how are you going to find me if you can't search for me online? And how are you planning to get to know me if you can't find me? But if you do find me on a search site can you trust what you find? Or would you stop and take time listen to me? Would you trust what i say? Why would you when for others you can decide dispassionately in the comfortable safe isolation of a digital tower where social interaction is mitigated through time and space.

No i don't think badly of you.
The truth is i wish i could join you. But who i am depends on anonymity, isolation, and confusion.