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Ava Rose Randa (born December 31, 1996) is a first year Master's student at the University of Michigan's School of Information. She took SI 410 while in undergrad at the University.

Ava Randa


Ava has been an avid writer since her brief stint for The Odyssey Online in 2015. Her writing has matured through an intense study of both poetry and philosophy. Upon taking a collection of courses related to programming, UX, and other areas of digital studies, Ava was employed as a technical writer for over a year where she wrote a user manuals for various software. Her knack for targeting and catering to the right audience has provided her with many skills, some that have enabled her to become a funny stand-up comedian. Whether it's at a comedy show, holding a meeting, or teaching a class, Ava knows how to hold the room. She is eager to share her unique academic and professional background with her students.