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I liked the way that you formatted your data, the sections were clear and easy to follow. I liked the idea of the "new you" and "old you", I think thats a really interesting way to think about it, especially because stuff we post on the internet never goes away. It's like there is a million different versions of us living simultaneously through our old accounts and posts because they never go away and can usually be found/seen. I liked the way you talked about how online there are a series of representations of yourself that all represent a different part of who you actually are. No online persona can fully capture all that a person is.

Comment by Aaron Zhang

I thought your data identity article was intriguing. I was surprised to see that you wrote the whole thing primarily based on just a Google search of yourself. I like your opening paragraph. It reminds me of a typical icebreaker giving a basic overview of yourself. Right afterward you talk about how people are represented by their connections to others as well. I would have liked to see you touch that topic again later on. You could mention your thoughts on why you couldn’t find information about friends and family linked to you. Or instead, tie it in with your conclusion when you say anyone from the average person to a celebrity never paints a full picture in their data identity. I like your section about other names. Technically it’s still a part of your digital identity, but it’s hard to link to you based on the user alias used. Also, you could write about your opinion on why your data identity is the way it is. You make a lot of points throughout the article. For example, as you’ve grown, you’ve made your accounts more professional. You can use that as a starter.