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The MetaWiki article on Online Sports Gambling reaches just about 3000 words which are sufficient for this assignment. It definitely includes a lot of good information on the topic with the number of words and there could be more to say if the assignment didn’t have a limit. Yes, the author does include the three main components of a good article. They start with an introduction that gives the reader a good background and introduction to the main topic of the article. Explaining what Online Sports Gambling is, information that conveys it is an influential topic, some examples the reader can relate to, and briefly mentions that ethical controversies related to it. The body of the article is there and contains many sections elaborating on the topics presented within the introduction. The author does a good job explaining the appeal of gambling, presenting some history, and noting some of the current ethical concerns people have with the industry. An improvement that could be made to the body is maybe explaining a little more about how these online gambling sites work before getting into the main topics. Talking about how users can place bets, how these companies determine the odds, the types of bets that can be placed, just to name a few. This can be important for someone who doesn’t really know much about gambling at all. Overall the body is very informative about the controversies surrounding online gambling legalization. The third main portion of a good article that the author includes is their statements are mainly backed up with reputable sources. They provide good footnotes of where the information researched is discussed. A fix that could be made for this, is to fix up the citations section. The formatting for this should be more consistent for each of the sources, with each in-text citation having a corresponding source in a standard format. Instead of just links, it should be in some type of citation. The issue presented by the article is made extremely clear by the author. They present the topic of online sports betting as something that is different from regular casino betting. How it has had a sudden rise in popularity and legalization leading to problems. The ease of being able to place a bet on a sport has led to gambling addiction, concerns with the integrity of sports, and the normalization of gambling. All while companies and legislatures try to make gambling seem risk-free in order to make more money at the expense of individuals and children. I definitely think the author did a good job picking a topic that is important and very relevant, I don’t think anything needs to be changed here in regards to the clarity of the issues presented. For the most part, the author reports on the ethical issues/controversies objectively. There are some places in the article where it is unclear if the information being presented is coming from a source or if it is something that the author wrote from their perspective. This can be fixed with some different wording and maybe a few extra in-text citations. This is mainly apparent in the appeal of the online gambling section and aspects of gambling sections. The author does a very good job of presenting multiple perspectives on the issue. As gambling, in general, has always been a controversial topic, there are many diverse perspectives on the matter. The author definitely captures the narrative of the legislatures, what the people think, and what anti-gambling proponents think about it. I think one place that could be improved here would be adding more of a perspective from the gambling companies and their views surrounding online gambling. Overall the author did a great job writing this article and picking an interesting and relevant topic.