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You currently have about 800 ish words, so not quite 3,000. I see that you have other sections that you have yet to expand upon, so I would not feel too worried about reaching this limit. If you are looking for another section, perhaps a section exploring cybersex crimes in South Korea could help contextualize your case since it is a related and relevant topic.


You have included an opening paragraph that summarizes the issue. Currently, it is only a couple of sentences, so perhaps adding any other context could potentially help. I see that you have a summary section after the table of contents. You may want to consider putting some of that information at the very beginning. Another thing you could also potentially include is a short excerpt about who was involved, such as the perpetrators, as well as the final outcome of the situation.

Good job with including the various sections in your article. The categories that you have included (Perpetrators, Victims, Investigation, Responses from both the Public and Government, and Ethical Implications) are very clear and important to this particular topic. The only thing I would say is potentially rearranging it so that ‘Investigation’ goes before ‘Perpetrators’ so that there is context for their crimes. Additionally, instead of ‘Summary’, perhaps ‘Incident’ would be a better header to go into the details of how the case was initially caught on by authorities, as well as give you the chance to go further into detail about the specific cases that were a part of the overall crime. You could also talk more about the other perpetrators involved in the case as the case involved thousands of people in order for it to have grown as large as it did.

For your sources, I would recommend finding some more academic sources if possible, such as peer reviewed articles. I know that may be difficult since the case is relatively recent, but digital sex crimes in South Korea has been an existing area of research and could be a stepping off point to finding more information or contextualizing this particular criminal case. Perhaps academic sources about the app Telegram could also be of interest to you. Here is a potential source: (Nth Room Incident in the Age of Popular Feminism). Here is another that might be of interest: (A Study on Characteristics Analysis and Countermeasures of Digital Sex Crimes in Korea).


I think you do a good job at presenting the information clearly. To potentially push this further, perhaps bringing up the ethical issues of Telegram or other encrypted chatting platforms being used for distributing illegal material could be a way to further explore the ethical use of technology with this particular case. Another could be cryptocurrency since that was what was being used as the currency for people to purchase the illegal material. Although I am not too familiar with whether or not the technology being used was as heavily mentioned at the time of the crime, they could be ways to make more clear what the ethical dilemma for the Nth Room Case is. I see that you have a section for ‘Ethical Implications’, so I think you’re off to a great start.

Objective Reporting:

You were very objective with your writing; I did not find anywhere where it felt like there was an argument for one perspective over another. You reported on what happened. With this particular case, I feel as though it may be difficult to find more than one perspective, but perhaps if you decide to explore the use of technology in this case, there is potential to see what different perspectives exist, and to describe it objectively. You also have sources to back up the information you have reported, though, like stated above, finding academic sources if possible could help.

Overall, great job!