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First of all, I really enjoy this mediawiki topic. I think it is unique in the way that smartphone users do not consider the implications of read receipts everyday but it is still something that is very controversial. The article length is shorter than it’s supposed to be but that's fine, it's still a draft just make sure that your page is about 3000 words in length. I advise writing in google docs to check word count and then copy/pasting into mediawiki. When looking at the structure component on the feedback page I am a little confused. It asks that I give you feedback on whether your mediawiki follows standard article format (intro, body paragraphs). I think your format is fine for its traditional to the mediawiki format. I have been using the algorithm page to model mine off of and yours looks similar. All of your statements are backed up with credible sources, good job with that. I think the sections you have in your mediawiki are really interesting, they seem to cover all aspects of read receipts, psychological manipulation being a particularly interesting section to me. The mediawiki is very clear, I understand everything that you have written about so far despite being completely unfamiliar with the topic. I would suggest unbolding the brief in the first line and formatting it more into a sentence. I like your summary and how it describes the difference between sms and mms, something I think most people would be unfamiliar with. I dont know how correct having bulleted statements is within the article, are you just writing points to talk about later? If not I would suggest making this more of a sentence too. I think you did a good job of maintaining a neutral tone despite reporting on ethical/controversial topics. I think to give feedback on the rest of the objective reporting on the feedback template there needs to be more material in this mediawiki but overall you are off to a great start!