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Hey Emily!

This is a great post and I definitely agree with many of the points you made here, especially with the older writing posts that are still up online. I too find myself not deleting these pieces, but also finding them a bit cringey.

I think you did a good job assessing if your data identity is the real her, and you do a good job at talking about things from your past that show up. I think one thing you could expand upon is what does represent you now that would be nice to see. You mention that the current you is more concerned with advancing your career, and I wonder if there was anything you found that reflected this in your search other than your LinkedIn, or if this is an area lacking in your results? And is this something you would want to work on?

- Nina Janies

Hi Emily, I really enjoyed reading your data identity statement and can definitely identify with the embarrassment about some of the content that shows up as well as drifting away from social media. The organization of your piece was logical and that, in addition to your writing style, made your post an easy read that flowed nicely! I also appreciated your food for thought at the end of your post about what your lack of participation on social media and attention to your portfolio and LinkedIn say about you. Maybe you could elaborate on that question more, and talk about how this may impact your data identity in the future! The anecdotes about your writing for HerCampus, history with ballet, and the way your perception of yourself has changed since you started college was definitely relatable. It's crazy how much we change in just a few years!

- Emma Brown