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Previously, this article was written for Electronic Arts. I am shifting the focus to a more general topic of controversies in modern day video games, and how the ethics of these changes are presented. The predominant company referenced in this article is Electronic Arts, and examples are taken from infractions they have came across in the past. Whether this comes from the elements within the game such as trademark infringement or online from other players actions, there are many elements acceptable to analyze ethically. -- Blake

This article may be mis-titled, but that is an easy fix with a move. The topic seems to focus on one aspect of EA, namely the NCAA football controversy. The best option for this article might be to merge the content with one or more articles that have similar ethical themes or create a sort of meta article on the controversies of sports games or the controversies around celebrity in gaming. Beyond this the technical stuff is shaping up well, so the raw material for improvement is in place.

This page seems to have a disconnected. The intro about online gaming doesn't seem to fit with the ethical section. The beginning could be linked to the Electronic Sports page, while the second half could go with some copy right stuff. Any ideas?