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Comment from Catherine Grillo: Hi Caroline – I loved reading your wiki page! First, I really loved your analysis and commentary of your own online identity and relationship with social media. I found this to be very insightful and engaging. I think you do an amazing job of really diving into what your online identity means to you and how it differs from you in real life. Additionally, I liked that you explained the process Google goes through when someone inputs a search query. This process you explained was very well written and makes what is happening within the search engine much clearer to users. One thing I might suggest is a deeper dive into why you think data brokers listed people as related to you when they are not your actual relatives. I find this topic interesting and sometimes wonder how these sites infer who is a relative and who is not. One other thing I might suggest is that you can give a brief explanation as to why you used incognito mode in Google. Not everyone knows of this mode, and an explanation might help users learn why incognito mode would be important for an assignment like this where we search ourselves on the internet. Lastly, one part I especially enjoyed was your use of sources, I thought they added a lot to the piece! Overall, I loved your entire page, it was very well written and super insightful!

Comment from Mahir Piyarali: Hey Caroline! To start, like Catherine mentioned, I found your introduction about how you have evolved as a social media user is really interesting. I really like how you mention that these accounts were "gathering dust" and not actively being kept up to date with new information as you grow. I also found your "search process" portion interesting. I've never looked in to how a Google search actually works, especially how the search engine tried to autofill your search query assuming you spelled your own name wrong. I also like how you tell the story of your social media usage when you were young, favoriting things you should like, and not actually liked. I think your page could benefit from discussing some of the challenges you face in your attempt to leave the digital world in favor of the physical one. I know that for me, it would be really hard to remove myself from social media as, in a way, its one of the few constants that we have to lean on. What's that process been like? Do you feel more disconnected from friends and peers, especially when we're in a pandemic that limits physical connections more than ever before? Or has it been easy? Either way, I think adding some reflection on that process would round out that portion of your page. In all, I really like the approach you took and I'm excited to see the finished product!