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Peer Review


The article is about 2000 words, so it needs to be 1000 words longer to meet the word count requirement. As of right now, the article would lose points on the final draft for not reaching the required amount of words. However, it is clear the author is still in the process of writing the article because there is a section that hasn't been written yet. The word count will probably be met after the final section is completed.


After reading, I believe this article does include the 3 major components of a good article. The opening paragraph does a good job of summarizing the relationship between artificial intelligence and marketing. It does well giving an overview of what the article is going to be about, and gives a solid basic outline about artificial intelligence and marketing. Since later in the article there is a section on history, it might be a good idea to make a brief reference to the early history in the opening paragraph. The body is well structured, and well split into multiple sections. The article has a History section with the subsections Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, and Growth of the Digital Marketing Industry. The “History section nicely explains the history of the internet and how it was developed. I think this was a good way to start the body because it offers background information to help the reader further understand what the article is going to be about. Again, I think it should be briefly touched on in the introduction paragraph of the article since it is a big portion of the body of the work. The next main section is AI Integration into Digital Marketing with the subsections Cookies, Targeted Marketing, Micro-Influencers, and Chatbots. I think that having the “AI Integration into Digital Marketing section next was also a good choice structurally. It transitioned nicely from the history section and also explained the topic at hand well. The subsections are also structured well and I think are good choices logically for where to split up the section. Each one is a good length and offers a good description of the topic. Another section is Ethical Concerns which has the subsections Big Tech Privacy Scandals and Exclusion of Underrepresented Groups. These final subsections are not completed yet, but I think the topics are a good choice and fit well with the rest of the article and with their main topic of Ethical Concerns. Finally, the last section is Government Involvement. This section is also not completed, but I believe it is a really good idea for the section and fits well with the rest of the article. Each section is a good length, and the paragraphs are split well. The article also contains a references section with all of the references used during the research. Any statements used in the article are backed up by references to reliable sources.


The issue at stake is clear to me. The article discusses the ethical issues with data collection and how it affects consumers. I think it does a good job explaining how consumers do not feel comfortable sharing data with different companies, and connecting it to how companies now have to put a lot of emphasis on protecting user data. I also think it does a good job discussing the ways big tech companies have handled user data improperly.

Objective reporting (Neutral point of view)

The article does a good job reporting on ethical issues and controversies objectively, and the author does not state personal opinions. In sections where there are multiple perspectives on a specific issue, each perspective is covered and given equal attention. The article does not make any argument, it just describes the issue at hand. Again, throughout the article, all statements are backed up by references.