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I have googled myself a couple of times before, only in middle school. I remember being pretty underwhelmed with what showed up, I guess I had higher expectations for my 12 year old self. The only things that showed up were some pictures from my moms facebook, some race stats from the neighborhood 5k, and a picture from my elementary school soccer team. I remember thinking, this is not me at all, nothing cool or interesting shows up. Nothing that really shows who I am or what I'm actually like. I stopped after that because I was embarrassed of what might show up and I would rather just not know. I've never posted anything really bad online so I don't know why I was so worried about what might show up. I'm not very private online so I definitely thought that there would be more of my posts and such that would show up when my name was googled. I expected my twitter, instagram, and some old races from when I was in elementary school that I remember showing up when I googled myself before.

Google Search

When I googled myself, a lot of the things that I expected to show up did show up, but there were also a few things that I forgot about or didn't even realize was online. The first thing that pops up is my LinkedIn. This is interesting because it is something I had to make and then didn't really edit much after that. It does make me realize that it is probably something I should look back at and edit. The second thing that pops up is my instagram, it was public for a little so that makes sense. The third thing that pops up is my Women's Lacrosse recruiting profile that I didn't even know I had because I was honestly never that good at lacrosse. The fourth link is my Hackerrank profile which surprised me a little bit just because I expected more things to show up first, like my twitter or facebook. I never had a huge amount of followers on any platform and have not had any notable accomplishments so it makes sense that there isn't that much information about me.


Not much has changed since I first googled myself in middle school though my online presence has matured. Instead of old 5k stats, my LinkedIn shows up. The old things about me from when I was younger are pushed out by the new profiles and activities. My online presence is still fairly ambiguous but the only reason I have some specific results is because my name is not very common. I have never met anyone with my last name, Tzalel. The name Elena is just not becoming more popular but there are also many different spellings for the name. I think that if my name wasn't so unique my personal results would be drowned out by the slew of accomplishments that people who share my name have made. In general, not as much shows up about me as I thought, I guess if I were to dig harder I would be able to find out more (like my address and phone number) but those don't really give that much information about me as a person. But then again, I don't know why there would be that much about me on the internet. In theory, you could find most things about a person using the internet but most of us aren't that sought after.